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Celebrity names beginning with C.

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C. David Johnson--Christopher David Johnson. Nov 29, 1955. Canadian actor.
C. Aubrey Smith--Charles Aubrey Smith. Jul 21, 1863. English cricketer and actor. Dec 20, 1948-†
C. Ernst Harth--Cary Ernst Harth. Feb 2, 1970. Canadian actor.
C-Murder--{Corey Miller}. Mar 9, 1971. American rapper.
C. Everett Koop--Charles Everett Koop. Oct 14, 1916. American pediatric surgeon.
C. Thomas Howell--Christopher Thomas Howell. Dec 7, 1966. American actor.
C. C. DeVille--Bruce Anthony Johannesson. May 14, 1962. American musician and actor. Poison.
C. C Sabathia--Carsten Charles Sabathia. Jul 21, 1980. American baseball player.
C. H. Hermansson--Carl-Henrik Hermansson. Dec 14, 1917. Swedish Communist party politician.  
C. J. Chenier--Clayton Joseph Thompson. Sep 28, 1957. American vocalist, saxophone and accordionist.
C. J. Cherryh--Carolyn Janice Cherry. Sep 1, 1942. American science fiction and fantasy author.
C. J. Ramone--Christopher Joseph Ward. Oct 8, 1965. American musician. Group, The Ramones.
C. J. Walker--Dec 23, 1867. American businesswoman and entrepreneur. May 25, 1919-†
C. K. Williams--Charles Kenneth Williams. Nov 4, 1936. American poet.
C. M. Eddy, Jr--Clifford Martin Eddy, Jr. Jan 18, 1896. American author. Horror and supernatural stories. Nov 21, 1967-† 
CM Punk--Phillip Jack Brooks. Oct 26, 1978. American wrestler.
C. P. Snow--Charles Percy Snow. Oct 15, 1905. English physicist and novelist. Jul 1, 1980-†
C. R. Foster-Kemp--Cecil Foster-Kemp. British film producer & actor. May 11, 1909.
C. R. Smith--Sep 9, 1899. American CEO of American Airlines. US. Secretary of Commerce  Apr 4, 1990-†
C. S. Forester--Cecil Louis Troughton Smith. Aug 27, 1899. English novelist. Apr 2, 1966-†
C. S. Lewis--Clive Staples Lewis. Nov 29, 1898. Irish novelist & broadcaster. Nov 22, 196?-†
C. T. R. Wilson--Charles Thomson Rees Wilson.  Feb 14, 1869. Physicist & meteorologist. Invented the cloud chamber. Nov 15, 1959-†
C. V. Raman--Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman. Nov 7, 1888. Indian physicist. Nov 21, 1970-†
C. W. Anderson--Chris Wrigh Anderson. Jan 7, 1970. Extreme wrestler.
C. W McCall--William Dale Fries, Jr. Nov 15, 1928. American country singer, activist and politician.
C. C .H Pounder--Carol Christine Hilaria Pounder. Dec 25, 1952. Guyanese-born American actress.

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