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Celebrity names beginning with D.

D. - Da - De - Dh - Di - Dj - Dm - Do - Dr - Ds - Du - Dw - Dy - Dz

All the Celebrities below are featured at the Famous Birthday picture and video galleries {not hosted here} where you will find more information about each celebrity. -- Cant find the celebrities you're searching for? Click Here for 'D' Name Search Tips {opens new window} -- NODAY = No Official Date As Yet. - This site is evolving daily! 

D'Angelo--{Michael Eugene Archer}. Feb 11, 1974. American singer-songwriter, & musician.
D' banj--Daniel Oyebanjo--Jun 9, 1980. Nigerian singer-songwriter and harmonica player
D. Boon--Dennes Boon--Apr 1, 1958. American singer, songwriter and guitarist Minutemen. Dec 22, 1985-†  

D. James Kennedy--Dennis James Kennedy. Nov 3, 1930. American Christian broadcaster and church pastor. Sep 5, 2007-†
D-Roc--{the Executioner}. NODAY. American musician and guitarist. Body Count and Pitch Blaack
D. Swain--{Danny!}. Daniel Keith Swain. Aug 18, 1983. American rap performer and record producer. 
D. Todd Christofferson--David Todd Christofferson. Jan 24, 1945.American religious leader, 
D. Woods--Wanita Denise Woodgette. Jul 6, 1983. American singer, dancer & actress.
D. B. Sweeney--Daniel Bernard Sweeney. Nov 14, 1961. American actor and voice-over artist.
D. D. Beauchamp--Aug 25, 1908. American TV writer. Mar 2, 1969-†
D. F. Malan--Daniel Francois Malan. May 22, 1874. South African prime minister. Feb 7, 1959-†
D. J. Caruso--Dick Johnson Caruso. Jan 17, 1965. American director & producer. 
D. J. Peterson--David W. Peterson. Jul 17, 1959. American wrestler. May 25, 1993-†
D. J. Qualls--Donald Joseph Qualls. Jun 12, 1978. American model & actor. 
D. L. Hughley--Darryl Lynn Hughley. Mar 6, 1965. American actor, comedian. 
D. M. C--Darryl Matthews McDaniels. May 31, 1964. American musician. Run-D.M.C.
DMX--Earl Simmons. Dec, 18, 1970. American rapper and actor.
DJ musician names.
DJ 279--NODAY. American hip hop artist.
DJ AM--{Adam Michael Goldstein}. Mar 30, 1973. American club DJ and musician. Crazy Town. Aug 28, 2009-†
DJ Ashba--Daren Jay Ashba. Nov 10, 1972. American musician, guitarist and songwriter.
DJ Assault--Craig Adams. Oct 19, 1977. American hip hop musician.
DJ. Bobo--Peter Rene Baumann. Jan 5, 1968. Swiss singer-songwriter, producer & dancer.
DJ Drama--Tyree Cinque Simmons. Apr 22, 1978. American DJ and record producer. 
DJ E-Z Rock--NODAY. American hip-hop musician. Music duo. Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock. Song, It Takes Two.
DJ Enuff--Ephram Lopez. NODAY. American DJ and radio personality.
DJ Headliner--Timothy Barnwell. Jul 26, 1967. American DJ, former hip hop vocalist.
DJ Ironik--James Christian Charters. Jan 18, 1988. British R&B, pop and hip hop musician, DJ and rapper.
DJ Khaled--Khaled Khaled. Nov 26, 1975. American hip hop musician & DJ.Terror Squad.
DJ Jazzy Jeff--Jeffrey Allen Townes. Jan 22, 1965. American record producer & turntablist.
DJ Kay Gee--Kier Gist.Sep 15, 1969. American musician. Group, Naughty By Nature.
DJ Lethal--Leors Dimant. Dec 18, 1972. Latvian-born American DJ, and producer. Limp Bizkit, & House of Pain.
D.J. Mbenga--{Didier Ilunga-Mbenga}. Dec 30, 1980. Belgian basketball player.
DJ Muggs--Lawrence Muggerud. Jan 28, 1968. American DJ and producer. Cypress Hill.
DJ Paul--Paul Beauregard. NODAY. American rapper and record producer. Three 6 Mafia.
DJ Premier--Christopher Edward Martin. Mar 21, 1966. American record producer and DJ. Duo, Gang Starr.
DJ Quik--David Marvin Blake. Jan 18, 1970. American MC and record producer.
DJ Q-Ball--Harry Dean, Jr. Oct 8, 1974. American vocalist-Band, The Bloodhound Gang.
DJ Screw--Robert Earl Davis, Jr. Jul, 20 1971. American DJ and rapper. Nov 16, 2000-†
DJ Shadow--Joshua Paul Davis. Jun 29, 1972. American music producer, DJ and songwriter.
DJ Skee--Nov 15, 1983. American DJ..
DJ Spinderella--{Pepa}{Dee Dee Roper}. Deidra Muriel Roper. Aug 3, 1971. American DJ & producer. Salt N Pepa. 
DJ Spoony--Johnathan Joseph. Jun 25, 1970. British DJ, and former radio presenter.
DJ Skribble--Scott Ialacci. Oct 10, 1968. Italian-American DJ, producer, re mixer and radio personality.
DJ Tukutz--Kim Jung-Sik. Nov 19, 1981. South Korean DJ, Producer, songwriter
DJ Webstar--Troy Ryan. Oct 25,  1986. American DJ, producer, rapper, and singer.
DJ Yella--Antoine Carraby. Dec 11, 1967. American DJ, music producer and film director.