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Celebrity names beginning with K.

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All the Celebrities below are featured at the Famous Birthday picture and video galleries {not hosted here} where you will find more information about each celebrity. -- Cant find the celebrities you're searching for? Click Here for 'K' Name Search Tips {opens new window} - NODAY = No Official Date As Yet. - This site is evolving daily.

K Callan--Katherine Callan--Katherine Borman. Jan 9, 1942. American actress.
K. Amarnath--Dec 1, 1914. India-Pakistani film director. May 14, 1983-†
K. Bhagyaraj--Jan 7, 1953. Indian film director, actor, writer and producer. 
K. C. Irving--Kenneth Colin Irving. Mar 14, 1899. Canadian industrialist entrepreneur. Dec 13, 1992-†
K. Narayan Kale--Keshav Narayan Kale. Feb 24, 1904. Indian actor, wrier and director. Feb 20, 1974-†
K. Satchidanandan--May 28, 1946. Indian poet.
K.A. Abbas--Khwaja Ahmad Abbas. Jun 7, 1914. Indian film director, novelist and screenwriter. Jun 1, 1987-†
K.D. Aubert--Karen Denise Aubert. Dec 6, 1978.  American actress and former fashion model.
K.J. Yesudas {Yesudas} Kattassery Joseph Yesudas. Jan 10, 1940.  Indian classical musician & playback singer.
K.K. Downing--Kenneth Downing, Jr. Oct 27, 1951. English guitarist, songwriter. Judas Priest.
K.R. Narayanan--Kocheril Raman Narayanan. Oct 27, 1920. 10th  President of India. Nov 9, 2005-†
K.T. Oslin--Kay Toinette Oslin. May 15, 1942. American country singer-songwriter.
K.V. Anand--Oct 30, 1966. Indian cinematographer and film director.
K-Ci Hailey--Cedric Hailey. Sep 2, 1969. American singer. R&B duo, K-Ci & JoJo.
Kd Lang--Kathryn Dawn Lang. Nov 2, 1961. Canadian singer and songwriter.
KJ-52--{Jonah Sorrentino}. Jun 26, 1975 American rapper.
K--Kang Yoon-sung. Nov 16, 1983. South Korean singer.
K-Oos--Kevin Brereton. Feb 20, 1972. Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter & record producer.
KRS-One--Lawrence Parker. Aug 20, 1965. American MC and producer.
K-Swift--Khia Danielle Edgerton. Oct 19, 1978. American DJ, MC & radio personality. Jul 21, 2008-†