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60th Birthday gift ideas.

Turning 60 is about marking your place in the world, connecting with friends and family, and making wishes come true.

Normal gifts like clothes or accessories like a new TV or mobile phone are still acceptable for a 60th Birthday. If you have no idea what to get them, ask them what they want, then you'd be sure they'd like it and you can always throw in some small extra presents to make it more personal.

Women this age love to wear jewelry and many like to choose their own. Men like gadgets so think of something they can use everyday and won't gather dust. You can buy a gift card that can be used anywhere if you cannot decide exactly what to get them. If you know the individual’s favorite food, a restaurant for a nice quiet meal and drink is a good idea.

A trip to a health spa would make a great gift and a great relaxing break. A Cruise on a ship would make an excellent 60th birthday gift traveling to all the places they have wanted to visit. Whatever you choose, try and make it a 60th Birthday so special they will never forget it.