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70th Birthday gift ideas.

Turning 70 is an important milestone that should engender a special celebration connecting friends and family. Conventional gifts such as clothes or accessories, a TV or a mobile phone, would be inadequate for one’s 70th birthday. If you have no idea what to give, ask what they want to be sure you give what is wanted. You can always throw in something extra to make the gift more personal.

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Conventional gifts such as clothes and accessories, a TV or cell phone may not be the best gifts for those who reach 70. Women at this age love flowers and to jewelry and perfume. Men like gadgets such as Apple ipad or amazon book reader, something they can use every day. Personalize this birthday with a photo slide show. A gift card is OK if you just can’t decide. A day at a theatre with dinner or a gift basket of delicious fruit, champagne, chocolates and wine will be a tasty treat and certainly won’t gather dust. When people reach 70, they often are interested in regaining their figure. A gym membership is a great idea or a home multi-gym. A trip to a health spa would be a nice, relaxing break. Sports & outdoors equipment or tools & home improvement that the entire family can use makes a great birthday gift.Whatever you decide, try to make their 70th birthday so special they will never forget it.

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