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Birthday Facts.

Birthday is the name given to the day that some people in many cultures celebrate the anniversary of the day they were born.

It is often marked by a birthday party with friends and family when gifts are given to the person celebrating the birthday.

It is also customary to treat people specially on their birthday, either generally acceding to their wishes, or subjecting them to a rite of transition. Birthday's are very different in some other countries.

The celebration of birthdays is not universal. Some people prefer name day celebrations, and Jehovah's Witnesses do not celebrate either, considering their origins to be pagan festivals along with Christmas and Easter. Some adults loathe celebrating it as it reminds them that they are getting progressively older.

Notable Birthdays are when the most significant digit changes, for example one's 1st, 10
th, 20th, 30th, 50th, or 100th birthdays.

One's champagne birthday, also called a golden birthday, is the day when the age someone turns is the same as the day in the month he or she was born. It is also common for the birthday individual to have champagne, thus champagne birthday. For example, someone born on January 31st would celebrate his or her golden birthday when he or she turns 31.

Jewish boys have a bar mitzvah on or around their 13th birthday. Jewish girls observe a bat mitzvah on or around their 12th birthday, or sometimes on or around their 13th birthday in Reform and Conservative Judaism.

In some Christian traditions, generally Catholic and Anglican, Confirmation is the ritual by which a young person receives a Sacrament thought to bestow certain gifts of the Holy Spirit. The timing of the reception of this Sacrament serves, on a sociological level, as a sort of "rite of passage" into adulthood.

In Latin America the quinceanera celebration traditionally marks a girl's 15th birthday.

Some girls and a few boys in the United States have "sweet sixteen" birthday parties.

In the United Kingdom 18th and 21st are traditional coming of age birthdays.

In many Asian countries, the 14th birthday is celebrated as the day one becomes a man, or a woman, in society.

Many Filipino girls celebrate their 18th birthdays with a cotillion and debutante ball, commonly known as a debut.

Jesus of Nazareth's official birthday is celebrated as Christmas Day around the world: 25 December or 7 January in Julian calendar interpretations.

People who are born on the leap day, 29 February, which only occurs during leap years, often celebrate their birthday in other years on the 28th (the last day of February), or 1 March (the first day they have, measured in whole years, a new age).

In some Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox countries such as France, Hungary, or Greece, it is common to have a 'name day'/'Saint's day'. This is celebrated in much the same way as a birthday, but is held on the official day of a saint with the same Christian name as the birthday boy/girl.

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