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Sweet 16 Birthday gift ideas.

Sweet 16 parties are changing so much these days and becoming more of a theme than just a normal party with presents. Some teens may feel awkward about having a formal party because of the worry of whom to invite or not to invite and who will show up or not! Let the soon to be sixteen make the decisions and see what they want. Do they want an informal party with a theme that everyone will enjoy or a simple backyard bash just for close friends and family. Remember, the goal is for the birthday star to have a memory they will never forget.

Gift Ideas. clothes and accessories will always look great, or any item an individual collects. A relaxing day with spa treatments for the big day. Gifts like perfume, hair and skin products and travel accessories will always be needed, even . Think of hobbies or special interests! Encourage their reading with kindle, the wireless book reading device. Jewelry such as rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets always make a big impression, including body jewelry. How about a year’s supply of her or his favorite magazine!. For those who have a sweet tooth: chocolate gift box or personalized M&Ms for that extra special treat. A simple gift of a DVD, choose from, theatrical hits, complete TV seasons, special editions, or a Music Albums. Give them something to sing and dance about with their own musical instrument. A new TV or perhaps a new cell phone to keep in touch. An Mp3 player or related gadgets. A new computer, and games console or video games will always be welcome gifts. posters or T-shirts. of their favorite stars. For adrenaline junkies, these personal experiences will fulfill anyone's dream. A gift card would be a great idea if you cannot decide.

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