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100th Birthday gifts ideas

Reaching the century mark, a centenarian, celebrating their 100th birthday has reached a notable milestone. They most likely have been there and done that and at this stage of life they love going back in time to share their most cherished memories with family and friends. A great birthday gift idea for someone celebrating their 100th birthday would be to help them bring back those very fond memories.

Gift Ideas. When considering birthday gifts for a 100 year old think about the highlights of their life and arrange a simple gathering of close friends and family around this theme with all their favorite comfort foods such as chocolates, fruit and cheese. They may be arthritic, so a relaxing massage may be a welcome gift. Celebrate this remarkable milestone with the finest wines, fruit or champagne. Other Birthday gift ideas for 100 year olds may be an electronic photo album filled with family and friends photo's. Choose their favorite DVDs from theatrical, TV seasons, and special editions. Take them out to their favorite shop or restaurant and let them make the choices. A novel gift could be a best selling book or an electronic book reader. A cell phone would be useful for those possible emergencies. If they’re not interested in presents, a donation to their favorite charity may be perfect. Whatever you decide, make it a day they will never forget.

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