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Celebrity names beginning with O.

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All the Celebrities below are featured at the Famous Birthday picture and video galleries {not hosted here} where you will find more information about each celebrity. -- Cant find the celebrities you're searching for? Click Here for 'O' name search tips {opens new window} -- {NODAY = No Official Date As Yet}. -- This site is evolving daily! 

O 'Kelly Isley Jr--{Kelly Isley}. Dec 25, 1937. American R&B singer..The Isley Brothers. Mar 31, 1986-†
O. Henry--William Sydney Porter. Sep 11, 1862. American writer. Jun 5, 1910-† 
O' Neil Bryan--{Elephant Man}. Sep 11, 1975. Jamaican musician.
O. C. Smith--Ocie Lee Smith. Jun 21, 1932. American musician. Nov 23, 2001-†
O. E. Hasse--Otto Eduard Hasse. Jul 11, 1903. German actor and director. Sep 12, 1978-†
O. J Borg--Oliver James Borg D'Anastasi. Apr 4, 1979. Anglo-Maltese radio and TV personality.
O. J Da Juiceman--Otis Williams Jr. Nov 26, 1980. American rapper.
O. J. Mayo--Ovinton J'Anthony Mayo. Nov 5, 1987. American basketball player.
O. J Simpson--Orenthal James Simpson. Jul 9, 1947. American footballer, actor & broadcaster.
O. W. Fischer--Otto Wilhelm Fischer. Apr 1, 1915. Austrian actor. Jan 29, 2004-†