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Celebrity names beginning with Q

All the Celebrities below are featured at the Famous Birthday picture and video galleries {not hosted here} where you will find more information about each celebrity. -- Cant find the celebrities you're searching for? Click Here for 'Q' name search tips {opens new window} -- NODAY = No Official Date As Yet. - This site is evolving daily! 

Q-Tip--{Jonathan Davis}. Apr 10, 1970. American hip hop artist, singer and actor.
Qaasim Middleton--Jan 13, 1995. American actor, singer and musician.  

Qi Baishi--Jan 1, 1864. Chinese painter. Sep 16, 1957-†
Qi Hui--Jan 13, 1985. Chinese swimmer. 
Qi Jiguang--Nov 12, 1528.  Chinese military general of the Ming Dynasty. Jan 5, 1588-†
Qianlong Emperor--Aixin-Jueluo Hongli. Sep 25, 1711. 5th Emperor of Manchu-led Qing Dynasty & ruler of China. Feb 1799-†
Qoigyijabu--{Gyaincain Norbu}. Feb 13, 1990. 11th Panchen Lama of Tibetan Buddhism.
Qurratulain Hyder--Qurrat-ul-Ain Haider. Jan 20, 1928.  Indian Urdu novelist, writer and journalist. Aug 21, 2007-†
Queen Juliana--Juliana Louise Emma Marie Wilhelmina. Apr 30, 1909. Queen of the Netherlands. Mar 20, 2004-†
Queen Elizabeth II--Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor. Apr 21, 1926. Queen of the UK..
Queen Latifah--Dana Elaine Owens. Mar 18, 1970. American rapper, actress and singer.
Queen Sharmell--{Sharmell Sullivan-Huffman}. Nov 2, 1970American wrestling valet.
Queen Elizabeths ll--Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon. Aug 4, 1900. Queen of the UK. Mar 30, 2002-†
Queen SofĂ­a of Spain--Sophia Margaret Victoria Frederica. Nov 2, 1938 Queen consort of Spain.
Queen--All Queen {royality}names can now be found by their given names. Examples Elizabeth l and Elizabeth ll.
Queenie Ashton--Nov 16, 1903. English actress. Oct 19, 1999-†
Queenie Chan--NODAY. Chinese-Australian comic artist.
Queenie Leonard--Pearl Walker.
Feb 18, 1905. British actress and singer. Jan 17, 2002-†
Queenie Smith--Sep 8, 1898. American actress. Aug 5, 1978
Queenie Watts--Jul 21, 1926. English actress. Jan 25, 1980-†
Quinten Hann--Jun 4, 1977. Australian pool player and former snooker player.
Quentin Blake--Quentin Saxby Blake. Dec 16, 1932. English cartoonist, illustrator and author.
Quentin "Butter" Jackson--Jan13, 1909. American jazz trombonist. Oct 2, 1976-†

Quentin Crisp--Denis Charles Pratt. Dec 25, 1908. English writer, artist and raconteur. Nov 21, 1999-†
Quentin Jammer--Quentin Tremaine Jammer. Jun 19, 1979. American football player.
Quentin Mosimann--Feb 14, 1988. Swiss singer.
Quentin Reynolds--Quentin James Reynolds. Apr 11, 1902. American war journalist & correspondent. Mar 17, 1965-†
Quentin Roosevelt--Nov 19, 1897. American U.S army Lieutenant. Son of Theodore Roosevelt. Jul 14, 1918-†
Quentin Tarantino--Quentin Jerome Tarantino. Mar 27, 1963. Film director, screenwriter, cinematographer & actor..
Quentin Willson--Jul 23, 1957. British tv presenter and motoring expert.
Quincy Jones--Quincy Delight Jones, Jr. Mar 14, 1933. American music conductor, record producer, film composer & TV producer.
Quincy Jones III--Quincy Delight Jones III. Dec 23, 1968. Composer, music & films producer and author. 
Quinn Allman--Quinn Allman. Jan 18, 1982. American musician.
Quinn Cummings--Aug 13, 1967. American inventor, businesswoman and actress.
Quinn O'Hara--Jan 3, 1941. Scottish actress..

Quintin Hogg--Quintin McGarel Hogg. Baron Hailsham. Oct 9, 1907. British politician. Oct 12, 2001-†
Quinton Flynn--Quinton Joseph Flynn. Oct 10, 1964. American voice actor, actor and writer.
Quintus Horatius Flaccus--{Horace}. Dec 8, 65 BC. Roman lyric poet. Nov 27, 8 BC-†
Quorthon--Tomas Forsberg. Feb 17, 1966. Swedish musician and song writer. Metal band, Bathory. Jun 3, 2004-†

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