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Celebrity names beginning with W.

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W. Earl Brown--Sep 7, 1963. American actor.
W. Eugene Smith--William Eugene Smith. NODAY 1918. American photojournalist-† 
W. Heath Robinson--William Heath Robinson.
May 31, 1872. English cartoonist and illustrator. Sep 13, 1944-†
W. Somerset Maugham--William Somerset Maugham. Jan 25, 1874. English playwright, novelist and storie writer. Dec 16, 1965-† 
W. Willard Wirtz--William Willard Wirtz. Mar 14, 1912. 10th United States Secretary of Labor. Apr 24, 2010-†
W.C. Fields--William Claude Dukenfield. Jan 29, 1880. American comedian, actor & juggler. Dec 25, 1946-†
W. G. Grace--William Gilbert Grace. Jul 18, 1848. English cricket player. Oct 23, 1915-†
W. H. Auden--Wystan Hugh Auden. Feb 21, 1907. Anglo-American poet. Sep 29, 1973-†
W. H. L. Wallace--William Hervey Lamme Wallace. NODAY. 1821. Union general in the American Civil War. Apr 10, 1862-†
W. H. R. Rivers--William Halse Rivers Rivers was born on Mar 12, 1864. Anthropologist, ethnologist, neurologist & psychiatrist. Jun 4, 1922-†
W. K. Dickson--{William Kennedy Dickson}. Aug 3, 1860. Inventor, director, producer, cinamatographer & actor. Sep 28, 1935-†
W. P. Kinsella--William Patrick Kinsella. May 25, 1935. Canadian novelist and short story writer.

W. S. Gilbert-- William Schwenck Gilbert. Nov 18, 1836. English dramatist, librettist, poet & illustrator. Gilbert & Sullivan. May 29, 1911-†
W. S. Merwin--William Stanley Merwin. Sep 30, 1927. American poet.
W.E.B. Du Bois--William Edward Burghardt Du Bois. Feb 23, 1868. American civil rights activist, sociologist & author. Aug 27, 1963-† 

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