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X.J. Kennedy--Joseph Charles Kennedypoet. Aug 21, 1929. American translator, anthologist & writer
Xan das Bolas--Oct 30, 1908. Spanish actor. Oct 13, 1977-†
Xander Berkeley--Alexander Harper Berkeley. Dec 16, 1955. American actor. 
Xavi--Xavier Hernandez i Creus. Jan 25, 1980. Spanish football player.
Xavier Cugat--Francesc d'Asis Xavier Cugat Mingall de Bru i Deulofeu. Jan 1, 1900. Bandleader. Oct 27, 1990-†
Xavier Montsalvatge
--Xavier Montsalvatge i Bassols. Mar 11, 1912. Spanish composer and music critic. May 7, 2002-†
Xavier Herbert
--May 15, 1901. Australian writer. Nov 10, 1984-†
Xavier Malisse
--Jul 19, 1980. Belgian tennis player.
Xavier McDaniel
--Xavier Maurice McDaniel. Jun 4, 1963. American basketball player.
Xavier Nady--Xavier Clifford Nady VI. Nov 14, 1978. American baseball player. 
Xavier Samuel--Dec 10, 1983. Australian actor. 
Xavier Susai
--Sep 5, 1983. Singapore-Australian stand-up comedian.
Xenia Seeberg--Apr 4, 1972. German actress.
--Kim Junsu--Dec 15, 1986. Korean singer-songwriter, composer and actor. Band TVXQ.
Xian Xinghai--Jun 13, 1905. Chinese composer. Oct 30, 1945-†
Xiao Lu Li--{Li Xiaolu}. Sep 30, 1982. Chinese actress.
Ximena Navarrete--{Jimena Navarrete} Jimena Navarrete Rosete. Feb 22, 1988. Mexican model. Miss Universe 2010 winner.
Xin Qiji
--May 28, 1140. Chinese poet, military leader, and statesman. 1207-†
Xu Zhimo--{Zhimo} Hsu Chih-mo. Jan 15, 1897. Chinese poet. Nov 19, 1931-†
Xu Xiake--Xu Hongzu. Jan 5, 1587. Chinese travel writer and geographer. Mar 8, 1641-†
Xuande Emperor--{Zhu Zhanji}. Feb 25, 1398. Emperor of Ming dynasty of China from 1425 until 1435-†
Xuan Dieu--Ngo Xuan Dieu. Feb 2, 1916. Vietnamese poet. Dec 18, 1985-†
--Maria da Graca Meneghel. Mar 27, 1963. Brazilian actress, singer and tv show host.
Xyriel Manabat--Xyriel Anne Manabat. NODAY. Filipina actress.
Xzibit--Alvin Nathaniel Joiner IV. Sep 18, 1974. American rapper, actor & tv personality.

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