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Jamie names

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Jamie Bamber--Jamie St John Bamber Griffith. Apr 3, 1973. British actor. Lee Adama on Battlestar Galactica. 
Jamie Bell--Andrew James Matfin Bell. Mar 14,1986. English actor. 

Jamie Campbell Bower--Nov 22, 1988. English actor.  
Jamie Carragher--James Lee Duncan Carragher. Jan 28, 1978. English football player.
Jamie Chung--Jamie Jilynn Chung. Apr 10, 1983. American actress. The Real World. 
Jamie Cook--Jamie Phillipp Cook.  Jul 8, 1985. British indie rock guitarist. Band, Arctic Monkeys.
Jamie Cullum--Aug 20, 1979. English pop and jazz-pop singer-songwriter.
Jamie Cureton--Aug 28, 1975. English footballer player.

Jamie Lee Curtis--Nov 22, 1958.  American actress and author.
Jamie "James" Denton--James Thomas Denton, Jr.  Jan 20, 1963. American actor,
Jamie Dornan--Jun 4, 1982. Northern Irish actor , model, and musician.
Jamie Elman--Benjamin David Elman. Jul 5, 1976. American-born Canadian actor.
Jamie Farr--Jul 1, 1934. American actor and game show panelist.
Jamie Foxx--Eric Marlon Bishop. Dec 13, 1967. American actor, comedian, and singer.

Jaime Garzon--Jaime Hernando Garzon Forero. Oct 24, 1960. Journalist, comedian and political satirist. Aug 13, 1999-†
Jamie Gillis--James Ira Gurman. Apr 20, 1943. American adult film actor and director. Feb 19, 2010-†
Jamie Glover--Jul 10, 1969. English actor.
Jamie Green--Jun 14, 1982. British racing driver.
Jamie Hewlett--Jamie Christopher Hewlett. Apr 3, 1968. English comic book artist and esigner.
Jamie Hyneman-- James Franklin Hyneman. Sep 25, 1956. American special effects expert.
Jamie Kennedy--James Harvey Kennedy. May 25, 1970. American actor, comedian, and rapper.
Jamie Kensit--Aug 6, 1963. English keyboard player. Pop band, Eighth Wonder.
Jamie Lomas--Apr 21, 1980. English actor.
Jamie Luner--Jamie Michelle Luner. May 12, 1971. American actress,

Jamie Madrox--{James Spaniolo}. NODAY American rapper. Twiztid.  Dark Lotus and Psychopathic Rydas.
Jamie Marchi. Jamie Lynn Marchi. Oct 8, 1977. American voice actress and script writer.
Jamie McGonnigal--James Campbell McGonnigal. Aug 6, 1975. American producer, actor & &activist.
Jamie McMurray--James Christopher McMurray. Jun 3, 1976. American race car driver.

Jamie Noble--James Howard Gibson. Dec 23, 1976. American wrestler.
Jamie Oldaker--Sep 5, 1951. James Oldaker. American rock, blues rock and country musician.
Jamie Oliver--James Trevor Oliver. May 27, 1975.  British chef, restaurateur and media and tv  personality.
Jamie Redknapp--Jamie Frank Redknapp. Jun 25, 1973. English football player.
Jamie Roberts--Nov 8, 1986.Welsh rugby union player.
Jamie Rose--Nov 26, 1959. American actress.
Jamie Sale--Jamie Rae Sale. Apr 21, 1977. Canadian ice skater. 

Jamie "James" Shields--James Anthony Shields Dec 20, 1981. American baseball player.
Jamie Shaw--Jun 8, 1985. Welsh singer. Band, One True Voice.
Jamie Shaw--Feb 19, 1966. Australian rules football player.
Jamie-Lynn Sigler--Jamie-Lynn DiScala. May 15, 1981. American actress & singer.
Jamie Renee Smith--Apr 10, 1987. American actress.
Jamie Lynn Spears--Apr 4, 1991. American actress and singer. Sister of singer
Britney Spears.
Jamie Theakston--Jamie Andrew Theakston. Dec 21, 1971. English tv and radio presenter, producer and actor.
Jamie Walters--James Leland Walters Jr. Jun 13, 1969. American actor, singer, and record producer,
Jamie Waylett--Jul 21, 1980. English actor.

Jamie Whincup---Feb 6, 1983. Australian race car driver.  

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Picture And Video Galleries -- 'J' Name Search Tips -- NODAY = No Official Date As Yet.