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Jay names

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Jay Adams--Feb 3, 1961. American skate boarder. Z-Boys 
Jay Aston--Jay Hilda Aston. May 4, 1961. English singer, dancer, and songwriter. Group, Bucks Fizz.
Jay Baruchel--Jonathan Adam Saunders Baruchel. Apr 9, 1982. Canadian actor.
Jay Bennett--Jay Walter Bennett. Nov 15, 1963. American guitarist, producer, and singer-songwriter. May 24, 2009-† 
Jay Bentley--Jay Dee Bentley. Jun 6, 1964. American bassist. Punk rock group, Bad Religion.
Jay Black--David Blatt. Nov 2, 1938. American singer.
Jay Blackton--Mar 25, 1909. American musician. Jan 8, 1994-†
Jay Bruce--Jay Allen Bruce. Apr 3, 1987. American Major League Baseball player.
Jay Buhner--Jay Campbell Buhner. Aug 13, 1964. American Major League Baseball player.
Jay Chandrasekhar--Jayanth Jambulingam Chandrasekhar. Apr 9, 1968. American actor, comedian, writer, and film director.
Jay Chou--Jan 18, 1979. Taiwanese musician, singer, music-film producer, actor and director.
Jay Darlington--May 3, 1968. English keyboardist. Band, Kula Shaker.
Jay Dee Daugherty--Mar 22, 1952. American drummer and songwriter.
Jay DeMarcus--Stanley Wayne DeMarcus, Jr. Apr 26, 1971. American bassist, vocalist and song writer.

Jay DeMerit--Jay Michael DeMerit. Dec 4, 1979. American soccer player.
Jay Farrar--Dec 26, 1966. American songwriter and musician.
Jay Ferguson--May 10, 1947. American rock and roll musician. Spirit and Jo Jo Gunne.
Jay Ferguson--Canadian musician. Oct 14, 1968. Rock band, Sloan.
Jay R. Ferguson--Jay Rowland Ferguson Jr. Jul 25, 1974. American actor.

Jay Gibbons--Jay Jonathan Gibbons. Mar 2, 1977. American baseball player.
Jay Gordon--Jay Paul Gordon. Jan 30, 1967. American musician and producer.

Jay Harrington--Jay H. Harrington III. Nov 15, 1971. American actor.
Jay Jenkins--{Young Jeezy}. Jaylen Jenkins. Oct 12, 1977. American rapper.
Jay Johnston--Oct 22, 1968. American actor and comedian.
Jay Hawkins--{Screamin}. Jalacy Hawkins. Jul 18, 1929. American musician, singer, and actor. Feb12, 2000-†
Jay Hernandez--Feb 20, 1978. American actor.
Jay Ingram. Mar 20, 1945. Canadian author, broadcaster and tv host.
Jay Jay French--{J.J}. John French Segall. Jul 20, 1952. French  guitarists. Heavy metal band, Twisted Sister.
Jay Kay--Jason Kay. Dec 30, 1969. English musician. Band, Jamiroquai.
Jay Leno--James Douglas Muir Leno.  Apr 28, 1950. American  comedian &  TV host. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
Jay Leonhart--Dec 6, 1940. American bassist and songwriter.
Jay Livingston--Jacob Harold Levison. Mar 28, 1915. Composer and singer with
Ray Livingston. Oct 17, 2001-†
Jay Manuel--Aug 14, 1972. Canadian make-up artist, fashion photographer, and model.
Jay Mohr--Jon Ferguson Mohr. Aug 23, 1970. American actor and comedian. Rick Payne in Ghost Whisperer.
Jay Novello--Aug 22, 1904. American actor. Sep 2, 1982-†
Jay North--Jay Waverly North. Aug 3, 1951. American actor. Dennis in Dennis the Menace.
Jay Osmond--Jay Wesley Osmond. Mar 2, 1955. American singer. The Osmonds.

Jay Payton--Jason Lee Payton. Nov 22, 1972. American Major League Baseball outfielder.
Jay Reatard--Jimmy Lee Lindsey Jr. May 1, 1980. American punk rock musician and solo artist..Jan 13, 2010-†
Jay Russell--Jan 10, 1960. American film director and producer.
Jay Ryan. Jay Bunyan. Aug 29, 1981. New Zealand actor.
Jay Sean--Mar 26, 1979. British singer-songwriter, rapper, beatboxer and record producer.

Jay Sigel--Nov 13, 1943. American golfer.
Jay Silverheels--{Tonto}. Harold J. Smith. May 26, 1912. Canadian-Indian actor. Mar 5, 1980-†.
Jay Simpson--Jay-Alistaire Frederick Simpson. Dec 1,1988. British football player.
Jay Simpson--Dec 27, 1988. English football player.
Jay Thomas--Jul 12, 1948. American actor, comedian and radio talk show host.
Jay Underwood--Oct 1, 1968. American actor.
Jay Ward--J Troplong Ward. Sep 20, 1920. American creater and producer of animated cartoons. Oct 12, 1989-†
Jay Yuenger--Jay Noel Yuenger. Dec 26, 1966. American rock guitarist.
Jay-Z--Shawn Corey Carter. Dec 4, 1969. American hip hop rapper, songwriter, record executive & entrepreneur

J. - Ja - Je - Ji - Jo - Ju - Jy

Picture And Video Galleries -- 'J' Name Search Tips -- NODAY = No Official Date As Yet.