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Famous Brett names

Brett Anderson--Brett Lewis Anderson. Sep 29, 1967. English singer-songwriter.
Brett Blewitt--Nov 17, 1976. Australian actor. Brett Stark in Neighbours.
Brett Bodine--Jan 11, 1959. American racing driver.
Brett Butler--Brett Morgan Butler. Jun 15, 1957. American Major League Baseball player.
Brett Butler--Brett Anderson. Jan 30, 1958. American actress & comedienne.
Brett Cecil--Brett Aarion Cecil. Jul 2, 1986.American Major League Baseball player.
Brett Climo--Sep 26, 1964. Australian actor.
Brett Cullen--Peter Brett Cullen. Aug 26, 1956. American actor.
Brett Favre--Brett Lorenzo Favre. Oct 10, 1969. American football player.
Brett Gurewitz--May 12, 1962. American guitarist and songwriter. Bad Religion.
Brett Hodgson--Feb 12, 1978. Australian rugby league footballer.
Brett Halliday--Davis Dresser. Jul 31, 1904. American writer of mystery novels. February 4, 1977-†
Brett Hudson--Jan 18, 1953. American musician. Group, The Hudson Brothers.

Brett Hull--Brett Andrew Hull. Aug 9, 1964. Canadian-born American National Hockey League player.
Brett James--Brett James Cornelius. Jun 5, 1968. American country music singer.

Brett Kirk--Oct 25, 1976. Australian rules football player.
Brett Lee--Nov 8, 1976. Australian cricketer.
Brett Miller--Brett Kolste Miller. Oct 2, 1958. American football player.
Brett Ratner--Mar 28, 1969. American film director & music/video director.
Brett Reed--Brett A Reed. Jul 12, 1972. American musician/drummer. Punk rock band, Rancid.

Brian Robinson--Nov 3, 1930. English road bicycle racer.
Brett Scallions--Brett Allen Scallions. Dec 21, 1971. American musician. Rock band Fuel.
Brett Somers--Jul 11, 1924. He was a Canadian-born American actress, singer, and comedienne. Sep 15, 2007-†
Brett Asa Young--{Ace Young}. Nov 15, 1980. American singer, songwriter and actor.

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