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Patty names

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Patty Andrews--Patricia Marie Andrews. Feb 16, 1918. American mezzo soprano singer. The Andrews Sisters.
Patty Berg--Patricia Jane Berg. Feb 13, 1918. American golfer. Sep 10, 2006-†
Patty Donahue--Patricia J. Donahue. Mar 29, 1956. American singer. The Waitresses. Dec 9, 1996-†
Patty Duke--Anna Marie Duke. Dec 4, 1946 American actress.
Patty Griffin--Patricia Jean Griffin. Mar 16, 1964. American singer-songwriter and musician.
Patty Hearst--Patricia Campbell Hearst. Feb 20, 1954. American heiress, socialite and actress.
Patty Loveless--Patty Lee Ramey, Jan  4, 1957. American country music singer.

Patty Maloney--Patricia Anne Maloney. Mar 17, 1936. American dwarf actress.
Patty McCormack--Patricia Ellen Russo. Aug 21, 1945. American actress.
Patty Saffeels--Oct 7, 1970,. West German film producer.
Patty Schemel--Patricia Theresa Schemel. April 24, 1967. American drummer. Rock band Hole.
Patty Schnyder--Dec 14, 1978. Swiss tennis player.
Patty Scialfa--Vivienne Patricia Scialfa. Jul 29, 1953. American singer, songwriter, and guitarist.
Patty Smyth--Jun 26, 1957. American rock and roll musician. Band, Scandal. 
Patty Waters--Mar 11, 1946. American jazz vocalist.
Patty Zomer--Alida Maria Patricia Summer. Nov 28, 1961. Dutch singer, stylist and tv presenter.

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Picture And Video Galleries -- 'P' Name Search Tips -- NODAY = No Official Date As Yet.