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Famous Vanessa names

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Vanessa Angel--Vanessa Madeline Angel. Nov 10, 1966. English model and actress.
Vanessa Amorosi--Vanessa Amorosi. Aug 8, 1981. Australian singer-songwriter.
Vanessa Brown--{VV Brown}. Oct 24, 1983. English singer, songwriter, model, and tv producer. 
Vanessa Bell Calloway. Mar 20, 1957. American actress.   
Vanessa Carlton--Vanessa Lee Carlton. Aug 16, 1980. American singer-songwriter and pianist.
Vanessa Lee Chester--Jul 2, 1984. American actress. 
Vanessa Demouy--Apr 5, 1973. French actress and model.
Vanessa Lee Evigan--Vanessa Lee Evigan. Mar 18, 1981. American model and actress.
Vanessa Feltz--Vanessa Jane Feltz. Feb 21, 1962. English tv personality and journalist.
Vanessa Ferlito--Dec 28, 1980. American actress.
Vanessa Ferrari--Nov 10, 1990. Italian gymnast.
Vanessa Gravina--Jan 4, 1974. Italian actress.
Vanessa Briscoe Hay--Oct 18, 1955. American singer. Bands, Pylon and Supercluster. 
Vanessa Hudgens--Vanessa Anne Hudgens. Dec 14, 1988. American actress & singer. Gabriella Montez in High School Musical.
Vanessa Lengies--Vanessa Lynne-Marie Lengies. Canadian actress.
Roxanne Bojarski in American Dreams. 
Vanessa Littlecrow--Vanesa Littlecrow. Nov 8, 1973. Puerto Rican dancer, writer and a model. 
Vanessa Lorenzo--Dec 7, 1976. Spanish model.
Vanessa Marcil--Sally Vanessa Ortiz.
Oct 15, 1968. American actress.
Vanessa Mae--Vanessa-Mae Vanakorn.
Oct 27, 1978. British classical/pop musician.
Vanessa Minnillo--Vanessa Joy Minnillo.
Nov 9, 1980. Filipino American tv personality.
Vanessa Paradis--Dec 22, 1972. French singer, actress and model.
Vanessa Redgrave--Jan 30, 1937. English actress and political activist.
Vanessa Vadim--
Sep 28, 1968. French film producer & cinematographer.
Vanessa White--Vanessa Karen White.
Oct 30, 1989. English singer & songwriter. The Saturdays.
Vanessa A. Williams--May 12, 1963. American actress.
Vanessa L. Williams--Vanessa Lynn Williams. Mar 18, 1963. American model, singer, songwriter and actress. 
Vanessa Zima--Vanessa Jane Zima. Dec 17, 1986. American actress.

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Picture And Video Galleries -- 'V' Name Search Tips  - NODAY = No Official Date As Yet.