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Vic names

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Vic Ames--May 20, 1925. American singer. The Ames Brothers. Jan 23, 1978-†
Vic Briggs
Vic Chou--Jun 9, 1981. Taiwanese actor, singer and model. Boy band F4
Vic Damone

Vic Dickenson--Victor Dickenson. Aug 6, 1906. African-American jazz trombonist. Nov, 16, 1984-†
Vic Elford--Victor Henry Elford. Jun 10, 1935. English racing driver. 

Vic Elmes
Vic Grimes . Victor Grimes. Jan 3, 1963. American wrestler. 
Vic Lewis
Vic Mignogna--Victor Joseph Mignogna. Aug 27, 1962. American voice actor.
Vic Mizzy--Jan 9, 1916. American composer for films and tv. Oct 17, 2009-†
Vic Perrin--Apr 26, 1916. American actor and voice artist. Jul 4, 1989-†

Vic Power--{Victor Pellot}. Nov 1, 1927. Puerto Rican to play in Major League Baseball player. Nov 29, 2005)
Vic Reeves
Vic Sotto--Marvic Castelo Sotto. Apr 28, 1954. Filipino actor, host, comedian & film producer
Vic Tayback