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Famous Walt names

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Walt Becker--Walter William Becker. Sep 16, 1968. American director, writer and actor.
Walt Disney--Walter Elias Disney. Dec 5, 1901. American film producer. Co-founded Walt Disney. Dec 15, 1966-†

Walt Dohrn--Walter "Walt" Dohrn. NODAY, 1970. American writer, director, actor, animator, musician, screenwriter and voice actor.
Walt Kelly--Walter Crawford Kelly, Jr. Aug 25, 1913. American cartoonist. Oct 18, 1973-†
Walt Simonson--Walter Simonson. Sep 2, 1946. American comic book writer and artist.
Walt Mossberg--Mar 27, 1947. American journalist and columnist. The Wall Street Journal.

Walt Weiss--Walter William Weiss. Nov 28, 1963. American baseball shortstop.
Walt Whitman--Walter Whitman. May 31, 1819. American poet, essayist and journalist.
Mar 26, 1892-†
Walt Willey--Jan 26, 1951. American actor. Jackson Montgomery on All My Children.

Walt Williams--Walter Allen Williams. Dec 19, 1943. American baseball player.
Walt Williams--Walter Ander Williams--Apr 16, 1970. American basketball player.

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W. - Wa - We - Wh - Wi - Wo - Wr - Wy 

Picture And Video Galleries -- 'W' Name Search Tips -- NODAY = No Official Date As Yet.