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Haley names

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Haley Barbour--Haley Reeves Barbour. Oct 22, 1947. American politician. 63rd Governor of Mississippi.
Haley Bennett--Haley Katharina Bennett. Jan 7, 1988. American singer & actress.
Haley King--Oct 20, 1993. American actress.
Haley joel Osment--Haley Joel Osmen. Apr 10, 1988. American actor.
Haley Ramm--Haley Michelle Ramm. Mar 26, 1992. American actress.
Haley Scarnato--Haley Suzanne Scarnato. Jun 15, 1982. American singer. American Idol. 

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H - Ha - He - Hi - Hj - Ho - Hr - Hu - Hy 

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