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Taylor names

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Taylor Abrahamse--May 7, 1991. Canadian actor, musician, and songwriter. 
Taylor Atelian--Taylor Marie Atelian. Mar 27, 1995. American actress.  Barbara, California.
Taylor Cole--Taylor Quinn Cole. Apr 29, 1984. American actress and former model.
Taylor Dent--Taylor Phillip Dent. Apr 24, 1981. American tennis player.
Taylor Dooley--Taylor Marie Dooley. Feb 26, 1993. American actress.
Taylor Geare--Taylor Grace Geare. Sep 19, 2001. American actor.
Taylor Hanson--Jordan Taylor Hanson. Mar 14, 1983. American musician. Rock band Hanson.
Taylor Hawkins--Oliver Taylor Hawkins. Feb 17, 1972. American musician. Rock band Foo Fighters.
Taylor Hayes--Jan 14, 1975. American adult film actress. 
Taylor Hicks--Taylor Reuben Hicks. Oct 7, 1976. American singer.
Taylor Horn--Oct 12, 1992. American singer-songwriter and actress.
Taylor Kitsch--
Apr 8, 1981. Canadian actor and model.
Taylor Lautner--Taylor Daniel Lautner. Feb 11, 1992. American actor and martial artist.
Taylor Leon--Mar 10, 1987. American golfer.
Taylor Momsen--Taylor Michel Momsen. Jul 26, 1993. American actress, musician and model.
Taylor Anne Mountz-- Apr 27, 1982. American actress and former model.
Taylor Swift--Taylor Alison Swift was born Dec 13, 1989. American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and actress.
Taylor Twellman--Taylor Timothy Twellman. Feb 29, 1980. American soccor player.
Taylor Ware--Taylor Marie Ware.
Sep 17, 1994. American singer & yodeler.
Taylor Wayne--
Aug 27, 1968. British adult film actress, director, tv Host and model. 

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Picture And Video Galleries -- 'T' Name Search Tips  NODAY = No Official Date As Yet.