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Luke names

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Luke Benward--Lucas Aaron Benward. May 12, 1995. American actor and singer.
Luke Bryan--Thomas Luther Bryan. Jul 17, 1976. American country music artist.
Luke Donald--Luke Campbell Donald. NODAY, 1977. English golfer.
Luke Edwards--Lucas Daniel Edwards. Mar 24, 1980. American actor.
Luke Goss--Luke Damon Goss. Sep 29, 1968. English singer and actor. Pop group, Bros.
Luke Haines--Oct 7, 1967. English musician, songwriter and author.
Luke Mably--Thomas Luke Mably. Mar 1, 1976. English actor. Dream Team.
Luke Moore--Luke Isaac Hunt Moore. Feb 13, 1986. English football player.
Luke Morley--Jun 19, 1960. English lead guitarist, songwriter and producer.
Luke O'Loughlin--Dec 23, 1985. Australian actor.
Luke Pasqualino--Luca Giuseppe Pasqualino. Feb 19, 1990. British actor.
Luke Perry--Coy Luther Perry III. Oct 11, 1966. American actor. Beverly Hills 90210.
Luke Pohl--Oct 27, 1987. American actor.
Luke Pritchard--Mar 2, 1985. English vocalist and guitarist. Inie pop band, The Kooks. 
Luke Scott--Luke Brandon Scott. Jun 25, 1978. American baseball player.
Luke Stricklin--Dec 21, 1982. American country music singer and songwriter.
Luke Young--Luke Paul Young. Jul 19, 1979. English football player.
Luke Wilson--Luke Cunningham Wilson. Sep 21, 1971. American actor.

L - La - Le - Lh - Li - Lj - Ll - Lo - Lu - Ly

Picture And Video Galleries - 'L' Name Search Tips - NODAY = No Official Date As Yet.