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Lil' names

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Lil' Boosie--Torence Hatch. Nov 14, 1983. American rapper.
Lil' Ceaser--James Lloyd. NODAY, 1974. American rapper and member of Junior
Lil' Chris--Christopher James Hardman. Aug 26, 1990. English singer-songwriter and tv host.
Lil Dagover--Marie Antonia Siegelinde Martha Seubert. Sep 30, 1887. German actress. Jan 24, 1980-†
Lil' 1/2 Dead--Donald Smith. Sep 13, 1974. American hip hop music artist.
Lil' Fizz--Dreux Pierre Frederic. Nov 26, 1985. American rapper and actor. Boy band, B2K.
Lil' Flip--Wesley Eric Weston, Jr. Mar 3, 1981. American rapper.
Lil' Green--Lillian Green. Dec 22, 1919. American blues singer and songwriter. Apr 14, 1954-†
Lil' JJ--James Charles Lewis, Jr. Oct 31, 1990. American comedian.
Lil' Jon--Jonathan Mortimer Smith. Jan 27, 1971. American rapper, singer, and producer.
Lil' Keke--Marcus Lakee Edwards. Mar 31, 1976. American rapper. Screwed Up Click.
Lil' Kim--Kimberly Denise Jones. Jul 11, 1975. American rapper & singer. tv , Dancing with the Stars.
Lil' Mama--Niatia Jessica Kirkland. Oct 4, 1989. American rapper, dancer and songwriter.
Lil' Mo--Cynthia Loving--Nov 3,.1978. American R&B singer, songwriter & record producer.
Lil' O--Ore Magnus-Lawsonis. NODAY. American rapper,
Lil Rob--Roberto Flores. NODAY. 1975. Mexican-American rapper, actor, and music producer.
Lil' Scrappy--Darryl Richardson. Jan 19, 1984. American rapper.
Lil' Wayne--Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. Sep 27, 1982. American rapper. Group, Hot Boys.
Lil' Zane--Zane Copeland, Jr. Jul 11, 1982. American rapper.

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Picture And Video Galleries -- 'L' Name Search Tips  - NODAY = No Official Date As Yet.