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Funny, Strange, Weird and Wonderful Famous Names

It's amazing how funny some famous names can be! Check a few of them out below. You can also navigate to the names database via the A- Z links for more information about each person.

Animals, birds and Insect names
Adam Ant
Buck Henry
Bug Hall
Bunny Ahearne
Cat Stevens
Chipmunk {rapper}
Kate Wolf
Cindy Birdsong
Clarence Birdseye
Dave Pike
Dick Wolf
Donald "Duck" Dunn
Doris Hare
Eddie Rabbit
Hamilton Fish III
Horse {musician}
Jack Russell
Kittens Reichert
Nellie Fox
Ole Bull
Pape Sow
Per Fly
Rat Scabirs.
Rattlesnake Annie
Robin Givens
Spider Robinson
Tim Dog

Amber Benson
Barry White
Blue Weaver
Bobby Brown
Calvin Goldspink
Ginger Rogers
Kerri Kenney-Silver
Randy Black
Red Grange
Scarlett Pomers
Skylar Grey
Thomas Gold
Violet Hilton

January Jones
Peggy March
April Lerman
June Whitfield
Miranda July
August Darnell
September. {Petra Marklund}

Day names
Billy Sunday
Gavin Friday
Tuesday's Child

Funny names 
Al Kaline
Annie Jump Cannon
Bum Kruger
Coco Crisp
Coo Coo Marlin
Dick Butkus
Dick Hyman
Dingdong Dantes
Eric Moonman
Kinky Friedman
Lead Belly
Little Willie John
Nappy Brown
Ram Narayan
Rat Scabies
Rusty Joiner
Tuesday Knight
Yukie Nakama

Weather and temerature
Burning Spear
Claude Rains
Cosy Sheridan
Edgar Winter
Eliza R. Snow
Fireball Roberts
Frosty Freeze
Ice T
Michelle McCool
Rainbow Sun Francks
Sky Gilbert
Summer Altice
Sunny Lane
Tre Cool
Wayne Frost

Foods and drinks
Alan Sugar
Basil Hume
Canaan Banana
Carrot Top
Coco Crisp
Condoleezza Rice
Cookie Mueller
Currie Graham
Don Cherry
Ham Fisher
Huck Seed
Jam-Master Jay
John Coke
Juice Newton
Lloyd Bacon
Nancy Whiskey
Neil Hamburger
Noodles {musician}
Paul Butterfield
Pepper Martin
Punch Imlach
Spud Davis
Wavy Gravy

Love, hope and destiny etc
Mike Awesome
Charity Rahmer
Fred W. Friendly
Bob Hope
Goodman Ace
Harmony Korine
John Love
Noel Coward
Victory Venkatesh
World B Free 
Rachel Friend
Wish Bone
Steve Holy
Cupid Childs 

Bashful Brother Oswald.
Big Mama Thornton
Cousin Joe Pleasant
Papa Celestin
Pops Staples
Sister Carol
Son House
Uncle Charlie Osborne

Size and strenths
Big Mama Thornton
Biggy Smalls
Brenda Strong
Carlo Little
Dorothy Height
Eddie Large
Fats Dominos
Grand L. Bush
Mini Anden
Minor Hall
Slim Harpo

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